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Introducing JozM Creations, founded by the passionate and talented mom, Joyline Mapangire (Mupambi). With a deep love for home decor, Joy has expanded her skills from creating beautiful spaces at home to launching her own business. Her curated collection of exquisite decorative pieces reflects her dedication, creativity, and attention to detail. Experience the artistry and expertise of a devoted mom as Joy transforms your living spaces into havens of beauty and style with JozM Creations.

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JozM Creations EleganceTrail Bed Runner
JozM Creations Enchantia Decorative Cushions
JozM Creations LuxeGuard Cot Wrap

Welcome to JozM Creations, founded by me, Joyline Mapangire (Mupambi). My passion is transforming living spaces into havens of beauty and style.

At JozM Creations, my mission is to give a classic look to any home and make it feel like home. I strive to stand out from the rest and be the brand that comes to mind when you want decorative pieces for your home. With a strong commitment to exceptional quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, I aim to exceed your expectations.

My curated collection includes a range of exquisite decorative pieces that will elevate the ambiance of any environment. From stunning decorative cushions to cot bumpers, braided playmats, bed runners, and cozy chunky throws, each piece is thoughtfully designed to add a touch of sophistication and transform your space into a haven of beauty.

I value your feedback and continuously seek ways to improve. I am open to receiving feedback, promptly addressing any mistakes, and continuously refining my products. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I offer hassle-free returns and compensation if needed.

Furthermore, I believe in the power of collaboration and learning from others. I embrace the opportunity to share and grow together, staying at the forefront of design trends to provide you with innovative and captivating decor options.

Join me on this exciting journey as we infuse your spaces with personality and flair. Explore my collection today and let JozM Creations be your go-to destination for captivating decor. Together, let's create spaces that reflect your individuality and make you feel truly at home

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