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As a mother with a dream of owning a business to support others,I've seen firsthand the transformative power of such endeavors. I'm proud to call Dr. Candy LAU a friend, and her unwavering dedication to empowering single mothers through dDecaelo is truly inspiring. The Momprenuer program, perfectly tailored tomy needs, exemplifies her commitment to meaningful change. This platform holds the promise of brighter futures, where self- reliance, support, and hope converge. Join us in this journey towards a more empowered tomorrow, where dreams find their wings, and positive impact becomes a way of life.

Annie Burr
Owner of Learning Garden Tutoring Center

As someone who has stood alongside Dr. Candy LAU, I've seen her heartfelt dedication to empowering single mothers. With dDecaelo, her commitment turns challenges into stepping stones. Her passion assures me that positive change is not just a possibility, but a reality we're shaping together. With her at the helm, I'm confident in the transformation this platform will bring.

Irene Lau
Assistant Vice President, Commercial Sales
Shangri-La Group/Sales Team

dDeCaelo is an incredible company that not only provides amazing products, but also uplifts and supports a wonderful community. I have known Dr. Candy Lau for some time now and know that she doesn't settle for anything less than the best for her customers. She is hard working, creative, and loving. Her foundation has a unique goal of helping moms everywhere grow their businesses. I know that she will change many lives as she continues to put her heart and soul into this project.

Kamryn Poulsen
CEO, Web Developer
Monsoon Technologies

Dr. Candy Lau's expertise and professionalism illuminate a promising path ahead.Dr. Candy Lau's profound professionalism and remarkable personal qualities leave an indelible mark. She excels in strategic organization and possesses an in-depth understanding of business intricacies. Her unique ability to grasp the big picture while delving into the tactical needs of the business sets her apart. Her excellence in customer relationships and high competency are truly commendable.

Welcome to dDecaelo, where her expertise promises to pave the way for a brighter future. Join us in experiencing Dr. Candy Lau's guiding hand as we journey towards success. She will use her professional and personal qualities to benefit her customers and partners.

Tori Poulter
Younique Global Chief Sales Officer

I am excited to congratulate you on dDeCaelo's website launch, Dr. Candy Lau! Your leadership and business acumen will provide an exciting journey.

I had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Candy Lau in the past. During that time, I witnessed her exceptional leadership skills and her ability to think at a high level when formulating business practices and organizational structures. Her work ethic is truly second to none. She possesses the knowledge and expertise to establish successful businesses.

For me, Candy wasn't just a friend; she was a mentor. Her wealth of experience served as a valuable source of learning. She's not only capable and honest but also an incredible person. With all these qualities and the remarkable mission of dDecaelo, its customers, affiliates, and single moms will benefit greatly.

Tim Larsen
Chief Financial Officer
Cedar and Sage

Wow. How exciting to learn about the launch of Decaelo's website!

Dr. Candy Lau's dedication to mothers and families is truly amazing. I've had the privilege of knowing Dr. Candy Lau, a remarkable individual with a strong will and a soft heart. Her intelligence, practicality, and organizational skills are truly impressive.

What makes her unique is her genuine care for the people around her. I'm particularly impressed by the Mompreneur program at dDeCaelo. It's a hope for mothers looking to turn their dreams into reality. Starting a business while balancing the demands of parenthood is no small feat, and this program offers invaluable support and promotion, completely free of charge.

With dDeCaelo's program, aspiring mompreneurs have access to a wealth of resources and expert guidance to thrive in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. it can empower mothers to achieve their dreams and create a better future for their families.

Well done, Dr. Candy Lau.

Ana Laura Logorreta
General Manager
Young Living Essential Oils

First, I want to say to one of the most successful, driven, and competent people I have ever had the chance to associate with: Congratulations on the impressive launch of dDeCaelo's website!

All you need to do is meet her, and you will soon realize why she is truly the epitome of her nickname, Dr. CanDo. She takes an idea and brings it to reality in a way I have seen from no other, especially the way she does it. I had the privilege of witnessing Dr. Candy Lau's journey from idea to now reality. Her commitment to delivering excellent products and services while staying true to her mission is truly inspiring.

Candy will always do exactly what she says she will do. She has the outstanding ability to transform businesses from zero to hero, unlike most, even amongst successful people. While being incredibly successful, it will always be her integrity that stands out the most.

A HUGE Welcome to dDeCaelo, where her vision takes shape. To all that want to be part of not just a successful team, but one that does it with class, integrity all while achieving your dreams, you got to join Dr. Candy Lau's team. This will help ensure you not only deliver great products and services but also fulfill the promise to make a positive impact.

PJ Rogers
Managing Director
East West Consulting

Cheers to dDecaelo's website launch! Dr. Candy Lau's vision now a reality, inspiring us all on her remarkable journey.

Dr. Candy Lau's profound business expertise has been an enlightening force. Her knowledge and readiness to support her business partners are truly impressive. As an affiliate partner, I've found more than just a collaborator – a friend who believes in the power of cooperative success. Welcome to dDeCaelo, where her wealth of experience drives our growth.

Join us on this journey, where Dr. Candy Lau's guidance ensures we thrive together in a mutually rewarding business environment.

Vira Celic
CEO and Founder
ashbury BLOOM Bath & Body Naturals

Congratulations on dDeCaelo's triumphant website launch!

Dr. Candy Lau's intelligence, humor, and strategic prowess promise a dazzling future. In the dynamic world of business, Dr. Candy Lau stands as a remarkable individual. Her sharp intellect, witty humor, and strategic prowess shine brightly.

She effortlessly navigates complexities, offering valuable and clear solutions. Dr. Candy Lau's exceptional qualities enrich the path forward at dDeCaelo. Embrace her unique perspective as she leads the way to success. Her unwavering dedication ensures that dDeCaelo transcends mere business, becoming a beacon of quality and reliability, devoted to serving customers and partners exceptionally.

Kristin Niesmann
Chief Sales Officer, International
Younique Products

Congratulations on the exhilarating launch of dDeCaelo's website!

As an entrepreneur who shares a passion for offering healthy products and services to our valued customers, I'm thrilled to witness dDecaelo's mission. Just like in my own business journey, dDecaelo's commitment to enhancing overall health and wellness is commendable.

I'm particularly drawn to the cause of empowering single mothers and mompreneurs, a mission that resonates deeply with our shared values. Moreover, I greatly admire dDeCaelo's collaborative efforts with affiliates who share this vision. Together, we are making a meaningful impact on people's lives.

Nika Noun
CEO of Parami

Dive into dDeCaelo's remarkable journey! Dr. Candy Lau's leadership and organizational finesse have created lasting impressions. Her dedication and ability to drive cross-border initiatives are truly remarkable. I am impressed by how dDeCaelo is dedicated to enhancing overall health and wellness and has a special commitment to single mothers facing unique challenges. I can't agree more on all of this! Candy embodies values like hard work, honesty, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her knack for simplifying complex ideas makes dDeCaelo a valuable asset for affiliates, partners, and clients alike. With Candy's dedication to dDeCaelo's mission and her leadership and instructional abilities, the future looks bright for the company and its partners. dDeCaelo is set to make a positive impact on countless lives.

Nanette Powell
Co-Owner of Integrative Medicine of Brevard

Congratulations on dDecaelo's launch! Dr. Candy Lau's leadership and expertise promise a successful journey.

Dr. Lau excels in systems, processes, and analytical insight. She embodies honor, excellence, and personal leadership. Her commitment to excellence ensures that dDeCaelo becomes a symbol of quality and reliability, dedicated to serving customers and partners with distinction.

Jared Sasser

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